Huber Banjos

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Retail $2599

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Huber’s new Workhorse line of banjos feature Huber’s legendary build quality, playability, and tone, but at a more affordable price point.

The Workhorse is built in the same Tennessee shop as their Truetone line. It has an 844 brass alloy tone ring made in the same foundry as their famous HR-30 pre-war rings.

The banjo features a satin finish, ebony fingerboard, and a one-piece flange with nickel plating.

  • Huber 844 Tone Ring and Vintage Rim
  • Curly Maple Neck & Resonator
  • Satin finish on Neck and Resonator
  • Bright Nickel-Plated Parts
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Genuine Mother-of-Pearl “1941 Leaves & Bows” inlay
  • White Binding on Neck & Resonator
  • Presto Tailpiece
  • Waverly V-2 Tuners
  • Huber Head & Bridge
  • Huber LIFETIME Warranty

Truetone - VRB75

Retail $5200

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The VRB-75 is a vintage reproduction of a pre-war style-75 banjo. It features a pre-war replica HR-30 tone ring and engineered rim.

This banjo is built with a Maple neck and Mahogany resonator. The Rosewood fingerboard and double cut headstock overlay are inlaid with a 1941 style-75 pattern, the same inlay used in the Jim Mills model (other pre-war inlays available by request.) The style-75 banjos were shipped prior to 1941 with all manner of inlay patterns.

Finished in a natural Mahogany stain, with antiqued binding and antique metal finish on the nickel parts. The VRB-75 also features prewar style Amber tuner buttons.



  • Neck - straight grain maple
  • Resonator - mahogany
  • Fingerboard - rosewood
  • Rim - Engineered Rim
  • Bridge - maple topped with ebony
  • Finish - natural mahogany


  • Plating - antique nickel
  • Tone ring - HR-30
  • Flange - one piece zinc
  • Hoop - brass
  • Tailpiece - Presto style
  • Arm rest - one piece
  • Co-ordinator rods - steel
  • Truss rod - 2 way adjustable


  • 1941 style 75 inlay
  • Antiqued white binding
  • Nameplate - Truetone


  • Waverly V-2


  • Huber head


  • Lined, hard shell


  • Limited lifetime


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